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The Worst Holiday Present

You wake up with a shiny new Holiday "gift pimple" on your chin. This is not going to go well with all those party photos. However, it does match the ugly sweater! No one loves pimples! (except, Dr. Sandra Lee, the pimple popper, naturally!) Most of the human race as a whole despises them almost… Continue reading The Worst Holiday Present

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Poop is one of the first clues to when something is out of balance with our health. Our immune system, our emotional well being, our skin health and more is directly linked to our digestive tract! Click here to start improving your health now!

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Oh Sugar….is it a sweet poison?

I have a slight sugar addiction, I can quit at any time....and I do, again and again. Then some how I slip. It my be that kind neighbor who brings me a treat or that chocolate temptress in the glass counter at the tea house. As strong as I would like to be, there are… Continue reading Oh Sugar….is it a sweet poison?